About Luing Cattle

The Isle of Luing is home to the beautiful breed of Luing Cattle – The resident farmer is Shane Cadzow, whose late father, also Shane, was the eldest of the three Cadzow brothers who founded the Luing breed on the island in 1947. 

Luing cattle were developed as a commercial beef breed hardy enough to prosper under adverse weather. They are a breed of red beef cattle, produced from a cross between Beef Shorthorn and Highland cattle. 

Farm Facts

  • The 1,543ha of Luing is one farm and is owned by the Cadzow brothers
  • They also farm several neighbouring, uninhabited islands totalling 3,885ha
  • Breeding flock of 1,700 mainly Lleyn-cross ewes
  • 325 pedigree Luing cows

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