AGM 2018

Annual General Meeting (further details can be found on Documents page)

Sunday 23 September 2018, Atlantic Islands Centre, 5.30 pm


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes AGM 2017
  3. Matters arising
  4. Annual report
  5. Chairman’s remarks
  6. Treasurer:

         (a) Accounts for 2017

         (b) Membership subscription for 2019/20

         (c) Account reference date

         (d) Accountants

  1. Election of

         (a) Directors

         (b) Membership Secretary

  1. Any other relevant business

Articles of Association revised

The Revised Articles of Association have been developed by the Trust solicitors to bring our Articles into line with the requirements of the 2006 Companies Act. The original Articles were developed from the requirements of the 1985 Companies Act.

The membership rules for Development Trusts have changed to ensure that Trusts are compliant with the new Scottish Community Right to Buy Act and surrounding support funds e.g. Scottish Land Fund.  The legislation does not allow individual Trusts to develop their Articles to better suit their community, and this has meant that our full membership eligibility is now more restricted than in the past, effectively to those on the Electoral Roll of Luing and North Cuan. The new category of Associate Member will cover both those present Members who are no longer eligible under the new rules, and present Friends.

Two new provisions are the requirements to co-opt a director aged 16-25 to represent the interests of young people, and to welcome a Junior representative, selected by Junior members, to put forward the views and interests of young people.

The structure of Board is also changed, with 6 elected directors and 3 co-opted directors.

All these changes will be fully implemented by the next AGM in September.


Lorn Islands Partnership

The partnership is being funded for a third year under the Scottish Government’s Strengthening Communities Fund, administered by the Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS), which provides for continuing project officer support from Gill Law and Jane Churchill.  Jane will continue to do work for LIP for about one day per week in parallel with her role of Development Manager here for the rest of the week.

Appointment of Administrative Assistant

We are delighted to welcome Eugenie (Gen) Thomas to her new role as part-time administrator to cover much of the administrative paperwork for the Trust.


Scottish Islands Federation

The Trust is a member of the Scottish Islands Federation.  For more information about S.I.F. please visit their website at .