Lorn Islands Partnership

The partnership is being funded for a third year under the Scottish Government’s Strengthening Communities Fund, administered by the Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS), which provides for continuing project officer support from Gill Law and Jane Churchill.  Jane will continue to do work for LIP for about one day per week in parallel with her role of Development Manager here for the rest of the week.

Appointment of Development Manager

The Trust is delighted to have Jane Churchill now established in the post of Development Manager.  Her role as the central point of reference for Trust activities is a demanding one, but already much has been done to take the activities of the Trust forward more effectively after a long period of volunteer management, and the directors are relieved that their workload is slowly reducing.

The position is funded through a National Lottery award from the Big Lottery Fund and Robertson Trust, and the same funding now supports Lasta King in her role as part-time book-keeper.  In addition we intend to appoint a part-time administrator to take some of the administrative paperwork out of Jane’s workload to allow more time to be spent on her managerial role.

Scottish Islands Federation

The Trust is a member of the Scottish Islands Federation.  For more information about S.I.F. please visit their website at http://www.isleofluing.org/scottish-islands-federation/ .



Projects moving forward

In March 2018  a Lorn Islands Partnership training day on Augmented Reality technology for interpreting the landscapes, human histories and natural histories of the four islands took place in Oban, as a result of which the Trust is taking the idea forward to explore the potential for use for visitors to Luing. For this, we have invited Steve Pardue, who led the creation of the fourteen interpretive panels around the island, to come back and explore this potential with us.

At the same time the Art Trail project is taking shape.  Many have already seen the slate mosaics created by Dugie MacInnes to interpret landscape and seascape views that will be positioned in three places around the island, alongside a series of paintings by Pauline Justin and Birgit Whitmore that will interpret the same landscape and seascape views from a painter’s perspective.  Funding is required for the next stage to put these in place, but we hope this will be just the start of a more extensive Art Trail developing over the coming years, involving more local artists contributing their work.