Genealogical Resources for Kilbrandon and Kilchattan Parish held by Luing History Group

 As our Local History Group Exhibition is largely unmanned, visitors intending to do research should please make a prior arrangement with the Secretary of the Luing History Group


  • 1841 index from Glasgow & West of Scotland FHS
  • 1841 whole parish print out from internet site
  • 1851 whole parish index only print out from internet site
  • 1861 whole parish print out from internet site
  • 1871 whole parish print out from internet site
  • 1881 – Latter Day Saints C.D’s. Kilchatten (Luing) pages printed out.
  • 1891 photocopied Luing pages (from General Register Office) for reference only
  • 1901 photocopied Luing pages (from General Register Office) for reference only


Photocopies of, or in some cases transcripts of, documents in Argyll & Bute Archives:

  • List of men within the sub-division of Lorn liable/not liable to serve in the Militia from aged 18-45 years, 1804 (gives where they lived, occupation and if relevant, reason for not being able to serve)
  • Register of Voters 1832
  • List of men liable to be balloted, 1799
  • Statute labour lists for parts of the parishes of Kilbrandon & Kilchatten and Kilninver and Kilmelfort 1826-27
  • Signatures of men in Luing offering free labour for Blackmillbay Pier, 1893
  • Appointment of Duncan Campbell in Bardrissich by the Elders, etc. of Kilbrandon & Kilchatten to present a Call to Mr James Campbell, Minister of the Gospel 1693 – eleven signatures.
  • Rentals of the Earl of Breadalbane’s Estate in NetherLorn of 1730 and 1834 (From the Breadalbane papers in the NAS)
  • Note of the tenants’ names in the Isles of Shuna, Torsa, Luing and Seil, that are to be warned to remove 1669
  • Part of the Poor’s roll, 12th Feb 1861
  • Pages 224 and 225 of Pigot’s Directory 1837 – Easdale and its vicinity.


Other sources:

  • Register of Voters 1898-99
  • Parish ministers from 1866
  • Luing elders of the parish from 1866
  • Ministers of the Episcopal Church on Luing 1868-1945
  • Cullipool Teachers 1895-1910
  • Cullipool School – list of pupils removed from the register, June 1900.
  • Head teachers/teachers at Luing Primary School
  • Valuation roles 1860/1861 and 1902/1903
  • Statistical Accounts, 1791-99, 1843, 1961
  • Rentals and leases, Cullipool, first half of C20th
  • List of the Luing Home Guard WW2


 Monumental Inscriptions

(These are useful because there are no extant pre 1855 death registers for this combined parish.)

  • Kilbrandon and Kilchattan graveyards (Kilchattan Kirkyard book available to purchase)
  • Scarba burial ground