Luing History Group

The principal object of the Group is to advance education for the public benefit in the heritage and history of the Isle of Luing and also, where appropriate, its adjacent, smaller and mainly uninhabited islands, including the Garvellachs, Scarba, Lunga, Torsa, Shuna, Fladda, Belnahua, Rubha Fiola and other small islets.

The Group collates and records historical, ethnological, archaeological, biological, geological and other related information. Documents relating to the History Group, including publication order forms and their rules, are available on the Isle of Luing Community Trust website’s document section.


At the AGM on 10th April 2018, the committee members below were elected. At subsequent committee meetings, the officers were elected as shown.

Jane MacLachlan, Chairman

Phil Robertson, Vice Chairman

Zoe Fleming, Secretary and Treasurer

Mary Braithwaite, Membership Secretary

Julia Shuff

Mary Whitmore

Heritage Exhibition

Luing History Group has its own permanent display space in the Atlantic Islands Centre.  Themed displays are changed at intervals during the year, but at any one time several themes will be on display.  A separate study area is provided for genealogical and local history research.  A small reference library is being built up over time.


Kilchattan Kirkyard

A record of more than 680 burials in Kilchattan Kirkyard on the Isle of Luing, set in the context of the wider history of the island, its community and its rural and industrial past.

This book is the result of three years’ work by a team of islanders, who have collected the monumental inscriptions and researched the background. A grant from the Strathmartine Trust has been of great help in funding the final printing and publication of the book.

A4, 116 pages. Price £15

See Documents page for order form

Reviews of the Kilchattan Kirkyard Publication


“Well done on a fantastic publication. What an impressive piece of research – the amount of detail you have included is superb and yet the layout is still clear and informative. I would love to take it round other societies to show them how it should be done. If we could do this for all the graveyards in Argyll, it would be amazing! I’m really pleased that you have been able to undertake such a project and it adds so much to the material we have in the Local Collection. Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to the rest of the History Group.”

From the Local Studies Librarian of the Argyll and Bute Library Service, Dunoon


“The Isle of Luing lies off the coast 16 miles south of Oban; its burial ground contains fascinating material, including stones left by Alex. Campbell, the 18th century leader of a religious sect, and the graves of Latvian sailors shipwrecked in 1936. This book is a model of how a graveyard survey should be done, with a full description and biographical details of those represented, and the geology of the gravestones.

From the “Local Historian” Volume 37 No. 4 2007, of the British Association of Local History

Memories of 1945

An A4, 42 page booklet which is mainly recollections of 1945 from residents and visitors on the Island of Luing during Summer 2005 when we marked the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of peace after World War II.

Price £5; Order forms can be acquired from the Isle of Luing Community Trust website’s document section.

Biodiversity – Life on and around the Isle of Luing

An A5, 12 page illustrated leaflet produced by the Luing History Group by volunteers and funding for publication from the Argyll & Bute Local Biodiversity Partnership.

Available free – send A5 SAE with postage stamps to the value of 27p (second class) or 36p (first class) to: Zoe Fleming, 23 Cullipool, Isle of Luing, Oban, Argyll. PA34 4UB.

The Men Listed on the War Memorial on the Isle of Luing

An A5, 24 page illustrated booklet produced by Luing History Group providing a brief history of each of the men named on the Luing War Memorial from the two World Wars.

Price £5.  Proceeds are divided between the Luing War Memorial Fund and Luing History Group Funds.

Order forms can be acquired from the Isle of Luing Community Trust website’s document section.

Genealogical Resources

Luing History Group will be pleased to search for your ancestors or make documents available by prior arrangement should you visit the island.

Click here to see a list of the Genealogical Resources for Kilbrandon and Kilchattan Parish held by Luing History Group. There is no charge, but a donation to the History Group is very much appreciated.

If you wish to become a member of the Group or have any enquiries please contact us by email to or write to Mary Braithwaite, Cullipool House, Isle of Luing, Oban, Argyll PA34 4TX