Interpretive Panels

The series of panels around the island were created by Luing History Group and the Community Trust, and Steve Pardue of Differentia Design. They are located across the island, many on slate built plinths that blend in with the local surroundings. Click on the images below to view a large version of each panel.

Funding was provided by Scottish Natural Heritage, The National Lottery Heritage Lottery Fund, LEADER+ and the Nadair Trust.


Welcome To Our Island

Basic information about the island, the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and a map of the island.

The Isle of Luing

Basic information about the island and a map of the island.


Life on Luing

Includes housing, fishing, education, the shops and Post Office, Fladda Lighthouse and the Episcopal Church.


A Breed Apart

Covers Kilchatton Farm, the Luing breed of cattle and the beneficial effect local farming practices have on the Marsh Fritillary Butterfly.


Blackmill Bay

Information about the importance the pier here had to the island and the steamers that visited it.

Links with Latvia

The tale of the Latvian ship Helena Faulbaums, wrecked off Belnahua and the many men that died.


This is Our Church

Explains the churches importance to the community on Luing, its saint St Cattan and the links with Lativa.


Defending the High Ground

A guide to the duns at Ballycastle and Leccamore, plus information on the birds of prey that can often be seen from these vantage points. Also the influence that St Columba and Brendan the Voyager had on the area.

Birds of Sea and Shore

Panorama from Cullipool plus illustrations of the many birds that can be seen from the shore.


The Firth of Lorn

Guide to the Marine Special Area of Conservation and the many species to be found there.


Built on Slate

Pictures and text on the quarries and their importance to the island and its people for 200 years.


Living with Slate

Covers the village of Toberonochy, the quarrying and harbour here, plus the neighbouring island of Shuna.


The Story in the Rocks

The geological history of Luing over the last billion years.


The Story in the Stones

The story of the old Kilchattan Church, the gravestones there and the relevance of the old West Highland Galleys.