From 2003 the aim was to build a centre in the Conservation Village of Cullipool to include heritage space, exhibition/events space, work spaces and a café-restaurant.  The result: the Atlantic Islands Centre was opened in June 2015 after 11 years of patient work. Details of the Atlantic Islands Centre project are given on a separate page.

In parallel with this, the projects included the creation of interpretation panels to give visitors information about the natural and human history of the island, with walk leaflets that would enable visitors to find the panels, and also benches and picnic tables. This part of the project was achieved in 2007-8.

Also included was the acquisition of land and mineral rights to the old Cullipool slate quarries that would provide a site for the centre, and also enable the restiration and protection of Cullipool beach through use of the stockpile of waste slate at the quarries. This was achieved in early 2007 through grants from the Scottish Land Fund (part of the government’s New Opportunities Fund, in turn now incorporated into Big Lottery Fund) and the Community Land Unit at HIE.  The waste slate resource continues to be available to island residents for island use; the Trust invites a donation to funds from those using this resource.

The Moorings Project funded by a grant from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund through the Fisheries Local Action Group, provides five yacht moorings at Cullipool.

Broadband provision: there are currently no plans by BT to bring optical fibre provision to Luing in the foreseeable future.  Other options have been explored, but as yet no solution has emerged.

The Trust achieved provision of Vodafone 3G mobile phone access using their Sure Signal technology, in 2015.  This serves an area around each of the South Cuan ferry shed, Toberonochy Hall and the Atlantic Islands Centre in Cullipool.

In September 2017, the Trust used a grant from National Lottery to hold a Celebrate event, celebrating the role of volunteers on the island.  Many residents are voluntary contributors to the community, from the First Responders and Volunteer Fire and Rescue unit, through committees such as the Social Committee and two hall committees, many small activity organisations to the Community Council and the boards of the Trust and its Trading Company. We estimate that half the island adult population volunteer in one way or another, not forgetting the efforts from the younger generation.

Looking ahead, the Trust is currently involved, with the Community Council, in investigating better provision of affordable housing.  This is being done within the context of the Lorn Islands Partnership, and this is also the case for potential developments to support business enterprises in conjunction with Highlands and Islands Enterprise.




Completed Projects

Luing Community Trust has completed a number of projects since its creation, including:

  • Cullipool Coastal Protection – an early and very necessary project to protect the village of Cullipool and its beach from storm damage.
  • Interpretive Panels – a series of panels located around the island, covering the history, geology, wildlife and background of the island.
  • Walk Leaflets – set of maps and details of walks on the island. Available from Luing Stores.
  • Luing Constellation Project – community project to create a constellation, using significant dates in the history of the island.
  • The Atlantic Islands Centre
  • Moorings for visiting yachts