About the Trust

The Isle of Luing Community Trust was established in May 2005. Its aims include the advancement of education for the public benefit in the heritage and history of the Isle of Luing and to preserve, restore and improve the environment in and around the Isle of Luing.

One of the Trust’s primary actions has been to establish a museum for the island, to collect, conserve and display artefacts of historical, artistic or scientific importance. Alongside this the Trust plans to develop improved access to selected sites on the Isle of Luing at which the natural and human heritage may be seen and studied, with the provision of appropriate interpretation where possible.

The Isle of Luing Community Trust acts as an umbrella organisation for the following sub-groups :

Luing History Group

For more information see the Luing History Group pages on this website.

Luing Adventure Playpark and the John McCowan Memorial Park Group

The group aims to promote outdoor activities for children up to the age of 16 years in a safe environment in the Adventure Playpark, and to promote outdoor activities for all members of the Community through the provision and maintenance of the John McCowan Memorial Park. Both facilities are in Cullipool, for use by residents and visitors to the island.  Regretfully the Playpark has had to be closed on safety grounds for the time being; finances to upgrade and bring back into use will be sought as soon as possible, but this is not likely to be in time for the summer 2015 season.

Luing First Responders

A trained team of volunteers are on call at certain times of the week to respond to medical emergencies and to provide assistance before the ambulance can get to Luing.  For more information see the Health and First Responders page or contact Lasta King (01852 314252).