Atlantic Islands Centre


To build an Atlantic Islands Centre in Cullipool on the Isle of Luing in Argyll as an outstanding community hub and heritage, cultural, business and social centre for islanders and visitors, and to promote the Atlantic Islands of Argyll to a wide audience, encouraging more visitors to venture from the mainland and discover the magical world of our Atlantic islands.

The Project

From 2003 the aim was to build a centre in the Conservation Village of Cullipool to include heritage space, exhibition/events space, work spaces and a café-restaurant.  Other aspects of the original vision were completed some years ago, but the achievement of the centre has taken much longer.

The building part of the Project evolved over time into what is now called the Atlantic Islands Centre. The Project Development Phase was jointly funded by LEADER and Investing in Ideas (part of Big Lottery), which enabled plans for the centre to be developed and costed, and planning permission obtained.  After that, the task was to find funding for the actual build phase.

This was achieved in late 2012.  The Big Lottery Fund has awarded £754,910,  including revenue funding for a Project Manager and Centre Development Manager as well as a major part of the build costs.  The Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund awarded a grant of £72,256 to make it energy efficient and low maintenance, and the £15,000 awarded by Bòrd na Gàidhlig was for Gaelic signage and interpretation.  Finally, the European Regional Development Fund  awarded a grant of £360,391 to complete the funding of the construction part of the project, while Highlands and Islands Enterprise  support half the costs of a Project Development Manager with a £30,000 award, the Robertson Trust awarded £12,500 and the Hugh Fraser Foundation £10,000.

The Atlantic Islands Centre finally opened its doors to the public on 25 May 2015, with a formal opening in June by the MP for Argyll and Bute, Brendan O’Hara.  For more information about the Centre and its facilities, please visit


The Centre provides:

  • reception and information area, with displays
  • a home for the Luing History Group in the gallery
  • a café for refreshments and meals for both the community and visitors
  • a drop-in community hub for all sorts of activities
  • a flexible-use exhibition, display, workshop, event, café overflow, restaurant evening space
  • workrooms, toilet facilities

Provision exists for an emergency generator to be located at the Centre in the future, so that the Centre can act as a refuge at times of extended power outage, as happened in the winter of 2011.


The Trust is still fundraising to help to meet the costs of management of the Centre  An award of £148,980 was made by the Big Lottery Medium Grant awards scheme in Autumn 2017, and at the time of writing partial match funding from the Robertson Trust of £7000 for the first year, with potential to continue, has been achieved.  Further match funding is needed and is being actively sought.

Donations towards the general running of the Trust, including the History Group, are an important part of the Trust’s income, as it is not a profit-making enterprise.  Donations may be made by sending cheques payable to Isle of Luing Community Trust to: The Treasurer, Isle of Luing Community Trust, c/o Atlantic Islands Centre, Cullipool, Isle of Luing, Oban, Argyll, PA34 4TX.